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Watercolor Week

Learn all about the best supplies to get started with watercolor painting!

June 5-8, 2023 | All Online


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Why Attend?

Watercolor is a beautiful art medium, but knowing what supplies you need to get started can be so confusing!

Over the past 10 years, we’ve interviewed dozens of your favorite artists (like Sarah Simon, Louise De Masi, Sarah Cray, and more) and helped thousands of beginners get started with painting…

… and during Watercolor Week, we’ll answer ALL your questions about which supplies you need (plus the ones you don’t!) so you can start your painting journey affordably and confidently!

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Monochrome Misty Landscapes

Schedule & Topics

All sessions are conducted via Zoom.

Day 1: Paper

June 5th | 6-7pm EDT

24-hour replay included
with free registration

  • Cotton vs. wood pulp paper: what you need to know
  • Paper textures and when to use them
  • Do you need to stretch watercolor paper?
  • How to save money on paper
  • Pads, blocks, sheets, and sketchbooks: which should you choose?

Day 2: Paint

June 6th | 6-7pm EDT

24-hour replay included
with free registration

  • What makes watercolor paint different from other types of paint
  • Student grade paint vs. pro/artist grade paint
  • Tubes vs. pans vs. liquids
  • Lightfastness and granulation: what are they?
  • Demystifying the label: what do all those numbers and symbols mean?
  • How to save money on paint
  • The ideal set of colors

Day 3: Brushes

June 7th | 6-7pm EDT

24-hour replay included
with free registration

  • Shapes and sizes
  • Brush strokes and marks
  • Synthetic vs. natural hair types
  • Brush care and cleaning
  • When to splurge and when to save
  • Choosing the right brush and “carrying capacity”

Day 4: Palettes

June 8th | 6-7pm EDT

24-hour replay included
with free registration

  • Palette materials and finishes
  • How to get the best material for the cheapest price
  • Lids, pans, and trays: which is right for you?
  • How to make your own custom palette
  • Traveling with palettes


June 9th | 3-4pm and 6-7pm EDT

Extended replays included for VIPs

  • Special bonus sessions for VIP ticket holders
  • Demo + Q&A: how much water should you use?
  • Demo + Q&A: working with wet paints
  • Demo + Q&A: working with dry paints
  • Demo + Q&A: common beginner mistakes and how to avoid them

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Hey there, I’m Ashley! As the founder of Art Summits®, it’s my mission to create affordable, high-quality, and innovative art products that make your life easier and more creative. Since 2013, I’ve helped thousands of art lovers grow their skills while having fun and exploring new styles and subjects!

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