Art Summits Passport

From: $24.99 / month

From: $24.99 / month

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Art Summits Passport

From: $24.99 / month

The “Netflix” of Art Classes! Get access to all of our professionally-filmed online classes for one easy monthly payment. Explore a variety of mediums including watercolor, gouache, calligraphy, drawing, and color mixing! Cancel anytime through our self-service billing portal.

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The Art Summits® Passport includes instant access to all of our pre-recorded, professionally-filmed online classes (listed here). You have access to the classes as long as your subscription is active. You can cancel your subscription anytime, and you’ll never lose access to any individual classes or programs you’ve purchased separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Passport includes access to all of our pre-recorded online classes shown on this page. The Passport does not include access to The Line Library, templates, live events, or other subscriptions.

Passport subscriptions are non-refundable, so we recommend starting out with monthly billing if you're unsure if the Passport is right for you. You can always switch to annual billing after you've had a chance to see what's inside!

You can cancel your Passport subscription anytime within the billing portal on our shop website.

You have access to all of our online classes as long as your Passport subscription is active.

While your Passport subscription is active, you'll have access to all of our online classes, including those you may have purchased individually. Even if you cancel your Passport subscription, you'll still have lifetime access to any classes you've purchased individually. Purchasing classes is like buying a DVD... whereas the Passport subscription is like renting through Netflix. 😊

A supply list is included with each class, though we encourage you to work with what you have or can afford.

We'll create an account for you on our private student portal website, and you'll receive your login details via email. All of your classes will be easily accessible inside your student portal.

Video so good, it's better than being there in person.

With multiple camera angles and the ability to pause and rewind, our classes get you up close to the action so you don't miss a step.

Woman painting with watercolors

You were made to create.

We believe anyone can be an artist... even if they never went to art school. The need to be creative is built right into our DNA, and sometimes it just takes the right medium and a little practice to light that creative fire!