Painting Light and Air


Learn to paint beautiful skies and sunsets in watercolor with artist Ashley Prejoles.

Please Note: This class was included in the Watercolor Summit 1.0.

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Painting clouds and skies can seem daunting – but in Ashley Prejoles’ class, you’ll learn how to break it down step-by-step so you can create ethereal, light-filled skyscapes full of depth. Please note this is an advanced-level class for people with experience in watercolors.

MODULE 1: Introduction & Handout

Meet Ashley Prejoles and learn what the class is all about!

MODULE 2: Supplies

Discover the tools and supplies Ashley uses to create her signature light-filled landscapes, from paint and brushes to paper and palettes.

MODULE 3: Mixing Colors

Ashley walks you through how she mixes her beautiful sky colors (and which color to avoid!) using just a few different paint colors, plus how she preps them ahead of time.

MODULE 4: Wet on Wet Demo

These practice exercises will help you get familiar with the way watercolors behave in wet-on-wet technique and help you avoid common mistakes when painting skies.

MODULE 5: Lifting Paint Demo

Lifting paint is an important technique for creating beautiful clouds… and here Ashley shows exactly how to do it!

MODULE 6: Painting the Landscape

Jump into the class project by painting the background sky, clouds, and reflections. Learn how to blend all the colors together for smooth transitions, and how to work quickly to prevent hard lines.

MODULE 7: Painting the Foreground

Learn to paint a foreground element, giving substance to your painting. Ashley shares her secret technique for making the colors look true-to-life, instead of just a flat black silhouette.

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3 hours 15 minutes






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