Landscape and Urban Sketching (Pre-Order)


Learn to draw realistic landscapes and urban scenes from scratch! Join Ashley Matiash as she guides you through the skills you need to confidently sketch buildings and landscapes, from barns and farms to houses and city streets. See the description below for more details.

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Learn to draw realistic landscapes and urban scenes from scratch! Join Art Summits founder (and former urban designer) Ashley Matiash as she guides you through the skills you need to confidently sketch any building or landscape, from barns and farms to houses and city streets.

Designed especially with painters in mind, we packed multiple college-level art and architecture classes into this one online sketching course… it covers a lot of ground, but we take it slowly and step-by-step. If you’ve ever been intimidated by drawing realistic buildings or landscapes, this is the perfect course for you!

  • Start Date: August 28, 2023
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Format: Pre-recorded video lessons, written lessons, and handouts released weekly
  • Assignments: Submit your assignments for help and feedback
  • Class Comments: Ask questions and get answers from your instructor anytime
  • Live Q&A: Two live Zoom sessions at the midpoint and end of the course
  • Access: Lifetime access to all lessons and Q&A recordings
  • Prerequisite: Intro to Landscape Perspectives OR a basic understanding of vanishing points, horizon lines, and one- and two-point perspective.

Tentative course curriculum (subject to slight modification depending on student feedback):

  1. Week 1: Getting on the Same Page
    1. Materials and supplies
    2. Establishing your baseline skills
    3. Vantage point vs. vanishing point
    4. Defining parts of a 3-D object
      1. Points/vertices
      2. Lines/edges
      3. Planes/sides/surfaces
    5. The math of drawing
      1. Quick review of fractions and proportions
      2. Exercises to help you practice seeing proportions
      3. Cutting line segments
      4. Estimating angles
    6. Homework: Line and angle exercises
  2. Week 2: Lessons From the World of Architecture
    1. Straight line practice
    2. Elevation views (for uphill and downhill streets)
    3. Plan views (for curving streets and buildings)
    4. Enlarging or shrinking drawings from references
    5. Drawing a house portrait in elevation view
    6. Homework: sketching a reference photo and your own house in elevation view
  3. Week 3: Building in Blocks
    1. Isometric drawing
    2. Multi-level buildings (stacking)
    3. Cutouts (windows and doors) (for drawing windowsills and doorways that look realistic)
    4. Homework: 3-D name exercise
  4. Week 4: On the Horizon
    1. Why horizon lines matter
    2. Hidden horizon lines
    3. Establishing the “viewer”
    4. Creating a mood
      1. Examples from art history
      2. When to use one- or two-point perspective
    5. Homework: horizon line practice
  5. Week 5: Making Things Appear Smaller
    1. From isometric to perspective drawing
    2. Foreshortening: X marks the center
    3. Placing objects in a scene: completing the box
      1. One-point perspective
        1. Building a fence
        2. A tunnel of trees
      2. Two-point perspective
        1. Building a chess board
        2. Planting an orchard
  6. Week 6: Inclines and Declines
    1. Auxiliary vanishing points
    2. Drawing roofs in perspective
    3. Complex roofs: hips, gables, and chimneys
    4. Hills, sloped streets, and bridges
    5. Homework: Incline and decline practice
  7. Week 7: Outside the Frame
    1. Finding vanishing points outside the composition
    2. Which vanishing point is closer?
    3. Tips and tricks (background paper)
    4. Using angles and proportions
    5. Homework: urban streets
  8. Week 8: Advanced Landscape Sketching
    1. Cast shadows
    2. Curves in perspective
      1. Winding roads and rivers
      2. Arches and circles

Special Linework Bonus: how to create texture, foliage, grass, and simple trees in pen

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