Intro to Landscape Perspectives


Confused about vanishing points and horizon lines? With step-by-step instruction and lots of examples, this beginner class on perspective drawing will help you compose better-looking landscapes!

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Learn the basics of drawing in perspective with this beginner’s course! We’ll demystify terms like horizon lines and vanishing points, and share lots of examples for you to practice with so you can better understand landscape references and improve your sketching and painting skills!

MODULE 1: Introduction & Supplies

Learn what, exactly, perspective is, and gather a few easy supplies to have on hand for this class.

MODULE 2: Representing 3D Objects in 2D

In this module, Ashley shares two basic methods of drawing two-dimensional shapes so they look like three-dimensional objects (for example, drawing a square so that it looks like a cube.

MODULE 3: One-Point Perspective

Learn what a horizon line is and why it’s so important in perspective drawing. Ashley will demo how one-point perspective works, how to identify it, and in what situations it’s typically used.

MODULE 4: Two-Point Perspective

In this module, Ashley gives a demo of how two-point perspective works and shares why it’s more useful for accurate landscape sketching.

MODULE 5: Analyzing Reference Photos

Dissecting the perspective of reference photos is a really fun and helpful way to understand the concepts of perspective that you learned in the previous modules. In this module, not only will we go through lots of different real-life examples of one- and two-point perspective, but will also share the “clues” to look for in more difficult compositions, like when buildings are facing different directions, or when the horizon line is hidden.

MODULE 6: Placing Objects Within a Frame

Ever wonder how big something should be when it’s in the distance? In this super practical module, you’ll learn an easy trick for composing your own realistic-looking scenes with multiple objects (like trees or boats) at varying distances!




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