Intro to Calligraphy


Learn the foundations of modern pointed pen calligraphy, including which supplies to get, using and cleaning your pen, forming lowercase and uppercase letters, and connecting letters into words!

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MODULE 1: Handout and Supplies

Learn which supplies you need to get started with pointed pen calligraphy (there aren’t many!) and how to assemble, use, and clean your pen.

MODULE  2: Basic Strokes

In this module, Ashley will teach you the few basic shapes and strokes that you need to make any letter. Learn how to create ovals, overturns, underturns, entrance and exit strokes, compound strokes, and ascending and descending loops. Follow along with the printable class handout so you don’t miss a step!

MODULES  3-4: Lowercase Letters

Now let’s get into the letters! Going through the alphabet one letter at a time, Ashley will share in detail how to create each letter using the basic strokes you learned previously, as well as how to fix common mistakes. The style shown in the videos and on the handout is a slightly modern spin on a classic pointed pen style.

MODULES 5-6: Uppercase Letters

Many beginner classes gloss over the uppercase letters, but Ashley will go through each one in detail as you walk through the class handout together.

MODULE 7: Numbers and Connections

Numbers and letter connections are a critical skill to have. You’ll learn how to write all the numbers step-by-step in this module. You’ll learn how to handle tricky letter connections, like what to do with o’s, f’s, double letters, and connections between uppercase and lowercase letters. And you’ll learn how to write common words used for envelope addressing.

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1 hour 45 minutes






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