At the Aquarium: What’s New in The Line Library

Our latest batch of line drawings is here! We just added 11 new templates to The Line Library™, our growing resource for people who love to paint!

This month’s theme is “At the Aquarium,” with tons of amazingly-colored fish and other aquatic animals, including some from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California and the Cairns Aquarium in Australia.

All of our templates are hand-drawn with artists in mind, and they come with free, matching royalty-free reference photos. If you love to paint and play with color, but don’t love to draw, The Line Library™ is perfect for you!

PLEASE NOTE: These “At the Aquarium” templates are included in The Line Library! Click below to join The Line Library, or if you’ve already purchased it, click here to login and access your new templates and photos.

The Line Library™ is our growing resource of line art templates in all subjects (landscapes, animals, botanicals, still life, and people), with new themed templates added each month (like this one!)

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