An Easy Way to Play with Colors and Techniques

Art Summits customer Debbie Winston has been busy! She signed up for The Line Library™ a few months ago and has used our collection of ready-made line drawings and reference photos as an easy way to get ideas for her watercolor paintings.

“I am loving the Line Library!” she said in our student community. “It’s fun to play with colors and techniques… Thank you again for more inspiring challenges!”

Click the images in the gallery below to see some of the beautiful artwork Debbie has created recently, all using templates from The Line Library!

The Line Library™ is the perfect resource for intermediate artists who want to start applying and practicing what they’ve already learned in art classes and tutorials.

Starting a new project without any guidance or inspiration can be daunting… sometimes you just don’t know what to paint!

But browsing through the curated royalty-free reference photos in The Line Library and downloading the matching templates eliminates a big step in the painting process. Simply print the template, trace it onto your paper, and start practicing!

It’s easy to browse by category (we have them broken down by botanicals, animals, landscapes, still life, and people) or search for a specific subject using keywords.

And with our special lifetime access deal, you’ll pay just once and get all future additions to the collection! We update the Line Library with a new batch of about 10 line drawings and reference photos each month.

Like Debbie, you can have fun practicing your skills and playing with colors and subjects. You’ll never run out of ideas!

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